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How to Have an Intentional Mindset and Focus on What Matters

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

What your mind does first, the rest of your being will follow.

How to Develop an Intentional Mindset & Focus on What Matters

Have you ever had a vision for yourself, and you started to go after it at full speed? How long were you able to sprint? A sudden burst of inspiration will overtake your entire being, yet the feeling can be fleeting. This is where your intentional mindset becomes a necessity.

Most people have goals, but fewer people see them through. And an IT Girl is amongst the few. But how?

Let me answer that for you!

Sometimes we begin to chase our goals without asking ourselves if we’ve done our inner work. The inner work is what enables you to show up and focus on the things that matter. Your goals have no regard for your feelings, and an intentional mindset is required to combat self-sabotage once your sudden burst of inspiration leaves you.

While those with a fixed mindset may disagree, IT Girls indicate that people can change their life with intentional living and mindset.

Here’s how:

Prioritize Self Discovery:

An IT Girl prioritizes self-discovery and intentional living over all things material. She decides what her philosophy should be in her daily habits. Daily routine and habits are the very thing that transforms our mindset. You get to decide what your daily philosophy consists of.

Mine is based on gratitude. Writing everything in my gratitude journal makes me appreciate even the little things which many of us ignore unintentionally. Taking a moment to be grateful each day is the act of rewiring my brain. Life is all about perspective, and if you master the art of mentally focusing at the right moments, you will become an unstoppable IT Girl!

Check out the link for my favorite gratitude journal.

Concentrate on the Journey:

The power of an intentional mindset can transform our circumstances and environment with much simplicity. Seeing the value in your path sure is critical when developing an intentional mentality. When you're focused on the final product, you miss out on everything else you could be learning along the road. Hence, concentrate on the journey and enjoy every single moment of your life fully.

Trust me! Your brain will automatically tell your legs to move beneath you and take you toward your goals. What your mind does first, your body will follow. One foot in front of the other. IT’s literally science.

Include the Word "Yet."

If you're having difficulty with a task, tell yourself that you just haven't mastered it "yet." Including this term in your day-to-day routine communicates that you can conquer any obstacle. Even your fITness goals!

Accept challenges:

Making errors is one of the most effective methods to learn. So, instead of avoiding challenges, embrace them.

Embrace Positivity:

To develop an intentional mindset, replace negative thoughts with more positive ones. Take note of your positive or negative words and thoughts. It will help you focus on what really matters and what does not.

Develop an intentional mindset and your transformation just lies ahead. You got it girl... now let's go get IT!

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