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Plan Your Healthy Transformation Diet: IT Starts from Your kITchen

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

There is no truer saying when it comes to healthy transformation than "Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym!" And, I can’t agree more.

Seriously, no matter how many crunches you do, miles you run, or weights you lift, a poor diet will always overpower even the finest workout regimen.

My Healthy Transformation Journey

I’ve had quite the physical intentional transformation, but not overnight. From fat camp and kickboxing to personal training, I’ve done it all!

I used to think that starvation was the secret to weight loss. But thankfully I no longer prioritize “getting skinny.” I intentionally transformed my mindset to prioritize my health and physical fitness over anything else. Of course, I have physical goals, but they are more in line with how I’d like my clothes to compliment my figure instead of what I see on the scale. I simply eat in a way that supports my health, strength, and physical goals.

I am not a certified nutritionist, but I advise people to eat what they like in moderation. If you have a specific goal, apply some strategy to your nutrition plan. For example, if I plan on exercising, I will eat my carbs closer to my workout (before for fuel, and after for recovery).

My Healthy Transformation Diet Plan

The best way to support your metabolism is to eat nutrient-packed foods throughout your day. When you starve yourself, you’re conditioning your body to hold on to fat for dear life every time you put something into your mouth. This is because your body will begin to assume that it cannot anticipate the next time you will nourish it.

It’s almost as if your body is responding to starvation by saying “I’ll take what I can get because this may be the only opportunity for nourishment… aka survival mode.”

With that said, there are some useful tools to keep you on track toward your objectives, and these few things, in particular, have been incredibly vital in my personal transformation. Each is incredibly handy and probably something you may already have hanging around in your kitchen!

Here are my favorite kitchen accessories I use to support my weekly diet plan.

Here are my favorite sweet and savory, yet healthy, snacks below:

1. Almonds and Dairy-free Protein Yogurt

2. Tuna, Veggies, and Hummus

3. Low Sugar Fruits: These are great as a snack because they satisfy the sweet tooth while you continue to lose fat/tone up (all the berries are perfect).

4. Grain-Free Granola

5. Sweets Treats with Natural Sweetener: A natural sweetener from the Stevia leaf that is very low in sugar and carbs can still taste great.

Pro Tip: Throw it in your grain-free granola. Trust me! you will love it.

6. Chips: If you've been looking for a high protein and low carb replacement for your doritos, look no further!

7. Tacos with low-carb Tortillas: I eat most carbs with other meals. But sometimes when I crave more, Tacos are my go-to option.

Pro Tip: Depending on your goals, be sure to monitor sugary and carb-based foods. Especially if you won’t be exerting that energy throughout the day or during a workout.

If I sit behind a computer all day for my job, I’m more likely to eat my heaviest carbs closer to my planned exercise, while eating lighter carbs/higher protein and fiber throughout the day.

See my favorite protein-based snacks below:

1. Plant-Based Protein Milk: I use unsweetened plant-based protein milk to eat my cereal, but feel free to throw it on Greek yogurt if you like it more than the milk.

2. Egg Whites Omelets; Turkey Bacon & Guacamole

3. Protein Bars

Intentionally transforming your eating habits is not a linear path! What you do MOST of the time will develop you into the IT Girl you were always meant to be.

ITs in you!

Don’t forget to make those small moments count. Life is to be lived. Simply choose to commit, and your goals will be achieved. As they say- If you fail to plan, plan to fail! Don't fail to live!


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